Total body irradiation (TBI)

Total Body Irradiation(TBI) is a form of radiotherapy used primarily as part of the preparative regimen for haematopoietic stem cell (or bone marrow) transplantation. Italongside high dose chemotherapy helps to kill off leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma cells in the bone marrow.

We offer Jochen Barry TBI couch, Motorised Movable patient table for homogeneous total body irradiation prior to BMT in leukaemia patients
The motorized movable patient bed has been designed to a constant speed to drive the patient through the radiation field of the irradiation apparatus. This is possible both on cobalt as well as on the accelerator.

The advantages are:

  • A variable pre-selectable transport speed through the entire radiation field.
  • A low total height of only 150 mm (approx. 5 1/4 inches.) Which guarantees a maximum use of the radiation field size.
  • Comfortable positioning for the patient during irradiation.
  • Uncomplicated handling.
  • Exact transportation conditions
  • Remote control of the couch from the operating room
  • The couch is only supplied by 24 volts DC
  • Ball bearing runners
  • Quiet and smooth running
  • Minimized irradiation side effects for the patient
  • Pc controlled infinitely variable transport speed (from 3 cm/min to 200 cm/min)
  • Blocking out of sensitive organs without problems (eg. Lung)
  • Homogeneous dose distribution
  • Minimum of servicing due well selected mechanical components
  • Easy installation and dismantling
  • Treatments with cobalt or accelerators
  • Dose rate variations of accelerator is compensate (option)

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