Scanning Electron Microscopes

Scanning Electron Microscopes

A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a type of electron microscope that produces images of a sample by scanning it with a focused beam of electrons. The electrons interact with atoms in the sample, producing various signals that contain information about the sample’s surface topography and composition. It is used in Material science, Life science, Industrial manufacturing,forensics,electronics,earth science and educational fields.
We offer scanning electron microscope (SEM), Softwaresand Accessories from Phenom World, now the leading manufacturer of desktop SEM in the world.

Various Models:

The Phenom ProX desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system. With the Phenom ProX , sample structures can be physically examined and their elemental composition determined.

The Phenom XL Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) pushes the boundaries of compact desktop SEM performance. It features the proven ease-of-use and fast time-to-image of any Phenom system.

The Phenom Pro desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) is one of the most advanced imaging models in the Phenom series. With its long-life high-brightness CeB6 electron source, the Phenom Pro creates state-of-the-art images with a minimum of user maintenance intervention.

The Phenom Pure desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) is an ideal tool for making the transition from working with a light microscope to operating an electron microscope. It is equipped with the basic fundamentals for meeting imaging needs.

Gunshot Residue (GSR) analysis plays an important role in the determination if a firearm has been used in a crime. Established GSR analysis techniques are based on the use of a scanning electron microscope (SEM), which is used to scan the sample and find suspect GSR particles. If a suspect particle is found, an Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) technique is used to identify the elements in that particle.

The Phenom GSR desktop SEM comes with the following items:

  • Automated Gunshot Residue analysis and classification software package
  • Integrated BSED and EDS detector
  • Calibration sample

Delphi is the world’s first fully integrated solution that enables fast correlative microscopy with unique overlay precision.
The system is extremely easy to use for both light- and electron-microscopy users. Even more importantly, Delphi opens the door to these techniques for all laboratories through a cost-efficient package that does not require experienced microscopy skills to image and interpret data.

Phenom accessories:

1. Sample holders: The ultimate high resolution sample holder. Shipped as standard with every Phenom system. Optimized for best imaging results and able to accommodate 3D samples mounted on standard sample pin stubs.

2. Charge reduction sample holder: This sample holder is designed to reduce sample charging and eliminate extra sample preparation of non-conductive samples. Imaging samples such as paper, polymers, organic materials, ceramics, glass and coatings becomes fast and trouble free.

3. Metallurgical sample holder: The base of this sample holder is the same as that of the Standard Sample Holder, except that this holder is designed to support resin-mounted samples. This holder is the preferred solution for metallurgy and when working with inserts.

4. Metallurgical charge reduction sample holder: This sample holder eliminates extra sample preparation of non-conductive resin-mounted samples. This way imaging samples becomes fast and trouble free.

5. Micro Tool sample holder: Imaging long axial shaped samples without sample modification is possible with the Micro Tool Sample Holder. Imaging objects such as drill bits, milling tools and injection needles is fast and easy using the Micro Tool Sample Holder. Imaging coatings and cutting angles is possible by rotating and tilting the region of interest without unloading the sample from the holder.

6. Motorized tilt and rotation holder: The Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample holder is a so-called smart sample holder that does not have any cables attached. The sample holder interface board automatically identifies the sample holder type and will directly transfer tasks to the holder.

7. Temperature controlled sample holder: The Temperature Controlled Sample Holder has been developed by Phenom-World and Deben in order to study vacuum-sensitive and vulnerable samples such as biological, food or organic coatings.

8. X ray insert: Cross-sectional imaging of coatings and multilayer samples becomes fast and easy with this metallurgical insert. Its smart, split clamping mechanism eliminates the need for screws and tools to clamp the sample.

9. Micro Electronics insert: The micro-electronics insert is designed to image semiconductor, micro-electronics or solar cells. Its unique clamping mechanism enables loading without adhesives or surface contact.

10. Nebula: With the Nebula™, a standard method for uniform dry powder dispersion on SEM stubs becomes available. The Nebula ensures best sample preparation by obtaining a mono layer of particles avoiding particle clusters while maintaining the structure of fragile particles.