Patient Positioning Solutions

Rigid immobilization of patients and accurate positioning of their targets have long been recognized as critically important aspects of quality radiotherapy.

We offer innovative Patient positioning solutions by Macromedics.

Macromedics focuses on development of innovative and high quality accessories for Radiotherapy treatment of cancer patients.

Our goal is to create new generations of excellent products within an open and constructive dialogue with radiotherapy professionals. The products include all kinds of radiotherapy patient fixation devices.

Head and Neck: SSPS (Single shell positioning), DSPS (Double shell Positioning System)
Thermoplastic Masks: MacroCast™
Breast and Thorax: Breastboard SX™, Breastboard LX™, ThoraxSupport™, EagleBoard™
Thorax and Abdomen: EAMIS™, EAMIS Lite™
Pelvic, Abdomen and Extremities:: Pelvic Prone Board™, LEPS™, LEX-Ultra™
All regions of interest& SBRT & SRS: DSCP (Disease Specific Care Platform), OmniBoard™, MultiBoard™


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