Micro CT

MicroCT for Research

X-ray microtomography, like tomography and x-ray computed tomography, uses x-rays to create cross-sections of a physical object that can be used to recreate a virtual model (3D model) without destroying the original object. These systems are supplied with high-end computing equipment and sophisticated analysis and visualization software to provide the most comprehensive and industry-leading imaging solutions.

Micro-CT has applications in material sciences, medical imaging and in industrial computed tomography. These scanners are typically used for small animals (in vivo scanners), biomedical samples, foods, microfossils, and other studies for which minute detail is desired.

Pre-Clinical CT

Fast scan times and an innovative design minimize the X-ray dose, allowing repeated scanning of individuals during a study. Field-of-view can be varied mechanically, increasing resolution for smaller scan sizes without affecting scan time. Real-time control of scanning in response to physiological events such as respiration is supported by an optional monitoring and gating unit

Clinical –Miro CT

High-resolution MicroCTsystem that combines high-speed scanning, low X-ray dose and true 3D analysis to provide a unique solution for clinical monitoring and treatment of osteoporosis patients

Specimen- MicroCT

High-resolution, non-destructive 3D imaging of specimens in vitro. µCT systems are used worldwide to study diverse materials ranging from bone and scaffolds to concrete or even (with additional cooling) snow and ice crystals